Creating the next generation of leaders

At Magic Bus, our mission is to break the poverty cycle, one child at a time. Since 1999, we have been inspiring generations of young leaders and empowering them to reach their highest potential. To strengthen our mission, Magic Bus provides a unique opportunity for students from the United States to become Ambassadors of social change through our Global Youth Leadership Program.

Designed specifically for high school students, this program focuses on leadership development and educational transformation, while promoting mutual understanding and altruism through the immersion of participants in the underserved communities in India where Magic Bus works.

During the program, participants will get the opportunity to:

  • Observe and take part in a Magic Bus activity-based ‘session,’ which is grounded on a learning model that uses games and play to change attitudes and behaviors

  • Work in teams to develop, design and lead a Magic Bus session for children living in marginalized communities

  • Visit the Magic Bus Headquarters in Mumbai and meet with senior staff to gain an understanding of the business and operations of running a large scale organization

  • Complete a community project, which may include fitting solar panels and lights in rural villages, creating green and ecofriendly spaces for urban schools, or constructing water pipelines from water sources to remote villages

  • Gain invaluable real world experience by adapting to new environments and navigating the daily challenges faced by children living in underserved communities

Magic Bus Center

The core of the program takes place at the Magic Bus Center – a 22-acre residential campus located in rural Maharashtra, approximately 50 miles from Mumbai. The Center provides one of the best outdoor and adventure experiential learning spaces in India where US and Indian youth will collaborate on a variety of activities and community projects designed to challenge, inspire and enhance leadership and cultural awareness. The campus offers:

  • Communal dormitories equipped with bathrooms and showers

  • An outdoor dining hall run by chefs who prepare locally sourced meals cooked on site

  • Pristine athletic fields used for football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey and more

  • Extensive high and low ropes courses, obstacle courses, and a zip line

  • Certified training staff who lead and supervise all excursions, courses and activities

  • Access to trails for hiking or jogging

For more information please write to [email protected]

At Magic Bus, safety is our first priority. We work with vendors and partners who uphold the highest health and safety standards for international travelers, including vehicles equipped with individual seat belts, 24-hour campus security, the use of purified and/or bottled drinking water in all meals, and a 24/7 on-call physician.