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Thank you for supporting the cause!

We are the Santa Cruz Surf Sisters – Gabriela Currid, Carey Liggett, and Marissa Pelagio! Our sisterhood has brought us to sign up for the New York City Marathon on November 6, 2022, to raise funds and awareness for Magic Bus. The 3 of us bonded through the power of physical activity, community, and appreciation for the natural environment. Now we want to push ourselves to a new level and give back to others.

Marissa Pelagio:

“It’s easy to spot the strong women, they’re the ones lifting each other up…”

Why am I supporting Magic Bus by running the NYC Marathon with my two friends, Carey, and Gabriela?  Well, it’s simple.  Life has rewarded me with two friends who infinitely believe in me, and it’s because of them that I am inspired to plan, train and run in the 2022 NYC Marathon!  Without their support, I would’ve been left on the sidelines, missed an opportunity to create wonderful memories with them, and not make health & fitness a priority in my life.  Through their unwavering encouragement and support, I am able to believe I can and decided to RUN with it!

In that spirit and in honor of all strong women, I am committed to support Magic Bus in their efforts to impact and empower marginalized youth in India and throughout southeast Asia by teaching them essential life skills to attain a sustainable livelihood and promising future.  Through your generous donations, they will be able to give back to their communities and one day, alleviate poverty.  Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.”

Carey Liggett:

The thought of running my 3rd marathon has been on my mind for some time. I attempted to run my 3rd in 2022, but I became distracted with other goals and found running to be extremely difficult. The opportunity to run the New York Marathon presented itself, and I said “yes” for 2 reasons.

  • I am not going at it alone. I have 2 amazing support sisters to push me and hold me accountable. When one is surrounded by so much positivity, it is empowering. I am excited to go after this goal knowing I am helping my friends accomplish their goal as well as having them help me. We can do amazing things TOGETHER. “I only roll with goddesses,” Robin Arzon.
  • I can put my miles towards a good cause. Magic Bus was founded on a principle that physical activity and teamwork can transform lives. Introducing sports and education to children at a young age will give confidence to pursue their dreams and goals later in life. Magic Bus’s Childhood to Livelihood programs help the most vulnerable populations in India. You can read about the impact here:

Gabriela Currid:

I’m so excited to be running my first marathon in NY city on November 6th, 2022. I am specially motivated this year because my love for running will benefit a great cause. All of what we raise will go directly to the Magic Bus nonprofit organization. Magic Bus is an amazing organization that has educated 1 million children for 20 years in India. Education has provided better opportunities to all these children, changing their lives forever. To help us reach our goal, we would greatly appreciate your sponsorship.

I am lucky to participate in this with my dear friends, Carey and Marissa, with whom I have shared many memories surfing, skiing, and seeing the world! I am grateful for this opportunity to run alongside two women who have played an important role in my life and while I am nervous, I am reminded of the wisdom of Audrey Hepburn, “nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible!”

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